Dear Participants,

As the first step of forming the group of active participants of the 6th Polish Eye Tracking Conference and 2nd Earli SIG 27 Conference in Warsaw 2018, we open abstract submission system.

The name “active participant” stands for those who would like to take part of a speaker at the Conference, and that means to present once work in an oral presentation or to present result of works in a form of poster in a dedicated conference area.

That is why the former active participant is asked to provide us with an abstract of the speach or the abstract of the poster which is planned to be presented during the Conference. The description you send should not be longer than 300 words.

You are also asked to send your short biography – to present main area of your scientific interests, achievements and publications. That also should not be longer than 300 words.

All submitted abstracts will be verified by the Scientific Committee.

The Scientific Committee will decide about the final list of speakers and the list of those, who will present their posters, and so also everyone will be informed about the final decision of the Scientific Committee via e-mail.

New abstract submission deadline is February 5th, 2018.

Mind that the language of the Conference is English.

Download and print the POSTER or smaller one.

If you decide that You would like to be an active participant of the Conference and you wish to send us your abstract to be verified, please follow the ABSTRACT SUBMISSION SYESTEM NOW.

In case of any questions or/and doubts please contact us: konferencjaet@neurodevice.pl

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